The High Street


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This photograph was taken in 1910 when the chain-stores were beginning to appear on the High Street.  The small shopkeeper still continued to survive by offering a personal service such as the delivery of goods, and the granting of credit to trusted customers.

The building in the foreground on the right is R.B. Watson's hairdressers.  Next door at number 202 is Wartski's jewellery shop (formerly the Star Hotel), which was opened by Isidore Wartski, a Polish Jew who died in 1965.

The building on the left is G. O. Griffith Tailors, which is now the smart but expensive Saks.

If you look closely, you can see two policemen.  Policemen on foot are rare in Bangor these days.  Policemen are still common but they now drive around in cars instead, stopping motorists (well they stopped me) and issuing the odd ticket here and there for driving without a seat-belt.


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